Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 months

Kastyn turns 3 months this saturday! it's going too fast, and i cant figure out how to slow her down!! i love the time we are in, as ive said before. but its kinda sad that it goes so fast bc next thing we know, we'll have a toddler/teenager(scary). we are working on tummy time, now that i found the tummy time mat from the rhea lana sale. i love it. and she is propped up on her chest a little so she can look around and not stare straight down at the ground. i set a few of her friends in front of her and she smiles and talks to them for a few minutes until shes over her tummy time. then we get up. K is wearing 0-3 month clothes. she can actually still wear some newborn stuff, too. the only 3 month stuff that fits is carters because they make their clothes more narrow. mom said she still looks 'twiggy'. thanks mom. lol. i guess she is pretty skinny still, but she's getting little rolls on her thighs. it's cute. her belly pokes out too. so we're working on fattening her up! im also trying to get her attached to her 'snugglies' that we got at her shower. they are so soft and i drape it beside her head at naptime. it's so sweet!

here are some things about Kastyn at 3 months:

~she likes to sit in her swing and sometimes sleep in it unless she fights her nap

~she likes her paci, but spits it out so she doesnt go to sleep, then cries b/c she doesnt have it! lol

~she's bearing weight on her legs. she loves to kick and stand herself up when we hold her on our chest. shes gonna be a soccer player!!(daddys dream)

~she has multiple bff's. Dean, Roman, and Remi!

~shes pinching and grabbing at whatever she feels with her hands

~shes smiling and talking more and more

~shes started to drool! im hoping it's not teeth yet.

~she drinks 4 oz per feeding

napping on daddy. so sweet. :)

K and momma

see the rolls on my arms?

strike a pose!

Friday, April 22, 2011

pro sleep fighter

Kastyn is a professional sleep fighter. this is the UFC in her life. and she's the best.

K will wake up, eat, then sit happily in her chair for up to an hour. then once she starts to 'gripe', i know it's time for her 1st nap. we swaddle her from under her arms down( she wont sleep if her arms are swaddled down) to keep her from wiggling so much. then we rock. she's ok until she starts to go to sleep. then the screams start. if i offer her a paci, that enrages her, how dare i think she wants to sleep! so she screams louder. we try laying her in her bed and checking in every 5 minutes until we think she may be sleepy enough to rock to sleep. she can cry for 45 mins plus if we would let her. but we wont. we try the swing, which she LOVED for 2 weeks until last week, now she screams in it. she screams in my or marcs arms. she screams in her chair. she can go all day on two 30 minute naps. but she is TIRED. it goes okay until afternoon. then she pretty much can scream on/off until evening. mom has come over and she falls to sleep for her and sleeps for 2 hours!! she's done this twice. i dont know what it is, but she's not hurting and she's not hungry. we even supplement 2-3 oz of formula after each nursing to ensure this. so we are rotating holding her and putting her down for short periods until she decides, in her OWN time, to give it up and rest.hmm..i may see some of her mommy's strong will and desire to be in control already. uh-oh!!*wince*

here is our angel sleeping, before her lovely non-sleep phase began...
praising Jesus in her sleep.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aunt Korri

Aunt Korri is amazing. period. she loves Kas so much and she shows her love for us all the time. she is the most giving person i know. i LITERally don't see korri without her having a "gift" for one of us. most of K's outfits are from her. she makes all of her precious bows. and K loves her back. Korri gives her own time to come and help me anytime i need it, whether i need a shower, a nap, a conversation, trips to wal-mart, and alot of just fun hangtime together. she sorted ALL of my gifts from my shower so i wouldn't be overwhelmed. she came to our house and never left my side until Kastyn was here and safe. she has probably changed as many diapers as i have. well, she's right behind me anyway. :) you name it, she's been there. i truly can't name everything i would like to give her thanx and love for.

we are very blessed to have someone so special in our life. WE LOVE YOU AUNT KORRI!!!

at the hospital

just us :)

04 20 11

04 20 11

'my auntie is awesome' onesie

wardrobe by auntie korri

Monday, April 18, 2011

11 weeks

how time flies! i cant believe Kastyn will be 3 months next monday. oh my grief. i knew it would go by quickly, but not this quickly! we are in such a fun time right now. i can see K working on a new development everyday now it seems. she is so alert, its alot of fun to try and break her serious facade(i have NO idea where she gets this seriousness, neither marc nor i are serious people). just goes to show how much of their own person a baby is from the start! she is what i am choosing to call "selective". lol. when i lay her on her changing table, she is quick to give out huge grins and excited squeals, to me and her friend who i have yet to think of a name for.(a 'snuggly' with a little doll attached to the top who K LOVES.) however, once we are out and about, she is hard to get to smile at anyone! if you've seen her pics on FB, you can see how few smiles i get once i pull out a camera. hopefully this will change soon and she will give out free smiles to all! i have many pictures to take and i would like to capture some of the joy that i get to see at home.

one of our favorite things to do are go and visit Grandmother. K lights up with grins as soon as she is in her arms. its super sweet. she'll talk to her too. it's a beautiful thing to see 2 people so special to me bond. i will always have these sweet memories to think about. we also obviously love visiting Grandi and Grandad(my dad finally chose to be called Grandad instead of Dadoo. he will always be Dadoo to Jerry though). i knew mom would be all over K from the start, but it's really sweet for me to see how my dad lights up when he sees his granddaughter. ive never seen him really reach out and want to hold babies, the typical man thing to do, but he talks to her and i ask him if he wants her, he immediately says yes. i love it! she smiles for mom alot, but this week she started smiling at dad too, and he's been working on it for a while! i pray that K's other Gran and Grandpa will be here eventually and will also get to enjoy these special times with her. it would be amazing to have both grandparents around K her whole life!! we are praying about this matter. :)
Kastyn is squeaking in her swing, waking herself up(surprise surprise!) haha. so i am logging off for today!
taken 04 19 11

Friday, April 15, 2011


im writing a little late about K's 2 month appt. it started out well. she is gaining weight and growing great! she weighed 9.06 and was 21" long, head circ. 14.96"-crazy!! born 6.0 and 18", head 12.8" seemed so small, now she is huge in our eyes! everyone we see says, "oh what a tiny baby!!" and i say everytime, "i know but she's so big to us!" haha. different perspectives i guess. they didnt see the TINY baby that came out. when im nursing K i look at her and she takes up so much more room, her head looks huge compared to the beginning, she stretches across my lap...ok, back to the appt.

so her weight is 14% and her length is 5%. i dont really keep track of her head % but it's growing appropriately. she does have reflux, which she takes zantac for 2 x a day. she also has a hiatal hernia and a blocked tear duct, but neither of these are a problem and they should correct themselves over time. i do put some eye ointment on her left eye to help with the drainage, but it is improving as of this point. she has pretty sensitive skin but it's only on her face as of now. she may have a little exzema but i will continue to watch it. she is developing well, sleeping well and has pretty much learned her nights and days. she nurses every 3 hours or so during the day and she drinks a 3-4oz bottle of breast milk every night between 8-9pm and we put 2 tbsp. of rice cereal in it. she downs it and then sleep from 5-8 hours straight! she'll wake up, eat, and go back to sleep for 3-5 hours. i definentaly cannot complain about that schedule. we do tummy time but not consistenly and she's not a big fan at all. she loves to lie on her back and talk to Polka, but her belly is a different story.

the nurse came in and gave K her shots after Dr. Scherer left. i have given hundreds of children and infants their vaccines and never felt the pain that i did for my baby. i felt for them, but i literally could not WATCH the nurse give them to K. her scream was mortifying and i was relieved when i could pick her up and comfort her. she was fine for the next few hours until we got home. K nursed and when i went to lay her down, she screamed. so i picked her up and held her and anytime she moved her left leg at all, she screamed...loud. i looked at her legs to make sure it looked ok. it was red and warm, but nothing abnormal for vaccines. i called mom and she left work to bring us some tylenol right away. it was awful. it took a couple of hours to calm her constant screaming. finally, the medicine kicked in and she was able to rest. the rest of the night was better, but i could tell she wasnt feeling great in her legs. no fever, thank goodness. the next day i was extra gentle with her legs, but she was fine and kicking again by then. im praying her 4 month shots arent as intense.

snoozin on momma :)
this is our angry face! lol
2 months today!

sittin up so big!

so much fun!

kastyn is 10 1/2 weeks old. time has flown by so quickly, it's bittersweet. i love that she is growing and healthy and developing, but im also sad that she is growing up so quick. marc is ready for her to be old enough to interact more with him so i look forward to that too. for now he has fun singing to her and speaking creole to her. he cant wait to teach her to play soccer! i, on the other hand, could stare at her all day long and watch her many different faces and
sounds she attempts to make. she is the cutest, funniest baby girl and i love everything about her. i cant really express how i feel about her but ill try to describe it. i read a friends blog about her description of needing to squeeze something and squeak to get her excitement over her daughter out..thats exactly how i feel! i catch my breath and squeak and feel this burst of energy at different times throughout the day, even at 3 am when she wakes up to eat! weird, i know, but looking at your baby causes these awesome reactions. i just cant fathom what an amazing wonderful thing God has blessed me with. i never understood, until now, how it feels to have my own baby. the love i feel for her is indescribable. i just cant sum it up.

some of K's developments in the last week or so have been fun! here are a few of them:

~ she found her right fist. she stares at it and when she lowers it out of her view she goes cross-eyes trying to find it funny to watch!!

~she LOVES her snuggly with a little girl doll attached to the top. she talks, smiles, and reaches(sort of) at her. im still trying to think of a cute name for the doll/snuggly.

~she also loves the soft pink stuffed giraffe from cousins drew, ellie, and amy. she lays on her blanket and talks and smiles at her for up to 30 mins at a time. i named this friend Polka.

~shes trying to giggle/laugh. shes done it once, but mostly lots of squeaky inhalations in an attempt to giggle. it wont be long though!

~she fights sleep BIG time! ive had to start putting mittens on her hands again because she scratches and punches herself in the face to wake herself up! she made her eyelid swell last week in the middle of the night(i think it was from that) from throwing her hands up to her eyes.

~shes learned to rub her eyes when shes tired. again, its a little violent, but she has the hand to eye contact down. :)

~she is very alert! she looks around and really focuses on people(when she wants to of course).
staring at Meag

~she lifts her head up and holds it up, turning her head from side to side.

our new blog!!

so i am starting a new blog. i fell off of my blogging boat over a year ago and hadnt updated it at all. now i am focusing this blog on our beautiful daughter, Kastyn.
she was born in january and has been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us! i will write about our adventures, trials, developments, and anything that i want to write and remember of our life together. this is my official momma journal (although i have one that i write in too). i just cant seem to sit and handwrite all i want to remember, hopefully typing will go better. there is so much going on that i want to remember and be able to look back here we go!!!