Friday, August 12, 2011

6 months

there goes another month, big girl! she was officially HALF a year old on July 31st!! just like i say each time, cant believe she's this big already. i can still see myself in our hospital room, and feel what it felt like to be there for our first 3 days. thats how close it seems. but its not, she is already a big baby, not a newborn anymore. so crazy. kas is doing all kinds of new things each day, each week. it is so much fun to be a part of every step. we love spending time with family, having playtime on her butterfly mat, 1 on 1 time in the blue rocking chair, laughing at simple things, reading/looking at/eating books, and taking occasional naps together now that she's big enough to roll around. she still doesnt nap much. we usually get her to take 3 to 4 thirty to forty-five minute naps a day. but she still sleeps 11-12 hours each nite!! cant complain about this!! her routine gives mommy enough sleep and enough alone time with marc each nite where we get to sit in the living room and enjoy being together, just us. kastyn is such a good baby. when we go somewhere, she sits or stands in our lap, talks and looks around. she is very content as long as she is in our arms, therefore, we can go everywhere! she still loves to be outside. we havent done much swimming lately because of the intense heat, but im hoping to get a few more swims out of this year. as i write this, im reminded to also write about the continuance of kastyn's temper(since she is laying in her bed screaming due to not wanting to fall asleep) lol. i pray for her temperament each nite. i continue to pray that God would calm her temper and when she gets old enough, that He would give us wisdom and patience in dealing with her temper. this will be a challenge for me since i fight with the same struggle as she does. i hope it also helps me to relate to her and remember that i know how she is feeling when she gets so frustrated. i guess ill stop here for now and give you her list of developments!! after those there are pics from her 6 month 'photo shoot' i did at mom and dad's on her big day. she is modeling her precious lime green dress from aunt cherline!

*weight: 15.10 (38%) height: 25" (19%)

*size 2 diapers

*3-6 month clothing

*size 2 shoe

*sitting up alone

*sits in her highchair and loves it!

*eating baby veggies once a day at lunch and rice cereal with cinnamin before bedtime bottle

*favorite veggie is green beans, just like daddy!!

*drinks water from sippy cup

*learning to hold bottle and sippy cup

*grabs/holds toys, switches toy from hand to hand

*takes a few steps towards you when i hold her hands

*rolls from back to front, chooses not to roll from front to back unless sleeping in her crib

*in push-up position, turns a complete 360 to see the whole world

*ticklish on her belly and back

*loves her saucer and jenny jump up

*loves to watch demmy play fetch and smiles

*huge when she brings the toy back to us

*makes "talking" noises and hilarious sounds

*has started to have a little bit of separation anxiety

*loves to have momma and daddy sitting by her at all times

*loves people but plays hard to get to crack a smile for them

such a happy girl

happy to be with grandaddy

see my pretty dress?

love my momma