Friday, June 17, 2011

update on daddy's garden

daddy's garden is officially growing! woohoo!!! it's fun to watch how marc plants are sprouting right up! good job honey!!!

front yard bushes
dwarf red maple

these red flowers bloomed beautiful! they look tropical, but we dont know what they are!

our first tomatoes!

left row: tomatoes right row: multi-color bell peppers

snap peas


our hot pink roses

sunflowers surrounding the rose plant

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 months big

Kastyn turned 4 months on may 31st. its so crazy how fast time is moving! i say that all the time, but it is SO true. kas is alot of fun right now, as usual. she is funny and she knows she is funny because she gives big grins all day long. she is really good at talking to objects and things, but when a human walks up to her, she goes very stoic. i can get smiles, but she really does play a good serious role! she loves to walk through stores and chew on my shoulder while squealing at a pretty good volume. she has the CUtest little girly voice! she is very dainty. she cracks me up and i am constantly in smiles with this girl. we had her 4 month check up last wednesday and daddy got to go this time. i love getting her measurements, but i hate the shot part. i know we are getting them for her protection, but the cry she lets out is one of a kind, and it is horrible. i now truly understand how all those parents felt when i gave their children shots a few years ago at the childrens sorry people!! i run in and save her and smother her with kisses and 'im sorry's'. its a sad time for momma. daddy did fine, as long as he doesnt see any needles, or he'll be on the floor, passed out. lol. i kept her on a strict tylenol schedule this time and it worked wonders. she was wanting to be held the rest of the day but wasnt acting like she was hurting like last time. she slept really good that night, and we scooted up bedtime 1.5 ours early, by kastyn's choice. overall, a much better experience than the 2 month vaccines. so here is my list of kastyn facts:

*weight: 12.13 lbs (26%); height: 22.8 in (5%-such a cute shorty!)

*eating 5 oz every 3 hours

*sleeps 9-10 hours at nite

*size 1 diapers

*size 3 month clothes

*loves standing

*talks and squeals and yells excitedly at wall art/wall photos

*holds her stuffed frog and ariel doll with both hands

*trying to hold her bottle with both hands

*enjoys her jenny jump up

*sleeps on her side/swaddling from under her arms down at nite

*knows her bedtime schedule and lets you know if you are running behind

*nurses 2 times/day

*has rolled from tummy to back 6-7 times, but has stopped trying in the last 2 weeks. :(

*loves to watch and talk to demmy, so cute

*smacks her mouth and watches the food when i hold her while i eat(cereal here we come soon!)

*i dipped my finger into a bit of fresh banana and put it on her tongue. she made a funny face. i let her suck on a piece of a prune(as i held it) and she loved it!

*she LOVES to be outside.

*she liked her 1st encounter with the swimming pool! (post to follow later)

*she loves men and children (grandaddy is her favorite, he gets smiles and excitement when we have to fight for it!)

*she is quite spoiled. she loves to be held, ALL day long. we alternate different distractions of sitting and playing by herself or sitting by one of us in her chair, but it is for a short period of time! we are working on this daily. but she is really fun to hold! haha.

*the doctor says she is old enough to start letting her cry some when she lays down to go to sleep. this child will cry for 45 mins plus, and stay going strong! we have only allowed it for this long 2 times, and i am not comfortable with this long of a time at this young age. we will increase the time periods as we feel is appropriate for her age.

*tied to previous statement, i have never seen such a strong willed infant at such a young age!

*she doesnt nap during the day, which is why im guessing she sleeps so well at nite! we are lucky to get a few 30 minute naps in, with the occasional 1 hour(few and far between!)

here are kastyn's pics from her 4th month of life:

sitting out back with momma

i can hold my head up high!

sporting my outfit from aunt korri and my bow aunt britt made me!

sleeping after her shots and check up, she fell right to sleep when i laid so close to her face.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

our friends

We are blessed to have LOTS of friends and family who love us! they have supported us before, during, and after kastyn was born. we love all of you guys! i do not have alot of pictures that i need of everyone. i will be working on the people who have not been pictured yet! line up everyone!!! :) anyways, kastyn will grow up with many people to look up to and get advice from. she is so lucky to have so many people who love her, and so are we! here are a few pics of some friends!!

E-beth and kas

demmy, of course ;)

jonna and parker


meag and rome

aunt korri



aunt cherline and gran liz

liz and cherline came to visit us and meet kastyn a few days after she was born. they got to stay longer than expected due to the 20+ inches of snow we got!! it was a fun and sweet time for all of us to be together. liz lit up with love for her 1st granddaughter and cherline was definentaly a proud aunt!! i cant wait for the day that we will all be together in the same town(hopefully soon!). kastyn is ready to see her gran and aunt, and very ready to meet her granpa and aunt nana, so hurry up guys! we love you and miss you all!

aunt nana and aunt cherline

gran and granpa

gran sitting in baby k's room

kastyn's 1st outing! (AQ chicken with liz and cherline)

love from gran and auntie cher

my beautiful rose

i keep having ideas for posts pop into my head all the time, and i have some stored that are needing to be posted, but today im skipping them to show what my man just brought to me a few moments ago...

so excited!!! haha

our first rose!!!

top view

pretty hot pink

he went outside and picked me his first rose from one of his 2 rose bushes he planted! it is a beautiful hot pink(the other one is deep red). it was so sweet. he said he planted those for me so i could have flowers all the time! i think it's MUCH sweeter when they go and actually PICK the flowers for you instead of buying them at the store! (but i love flowers either way he gets them!) lol.. i am blessed with a very sweet and thoughtful spouse, i know this. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

my amazing husband

so marc had gotten me 3 pretty flowers and a card on mother's day. the card said that i had more coming in celebration of my 1st mothers day. i hadnt really thought much more about it until this memorial day. i worked two 12 hour shifts sat and sun nite and got home monday morning about 0745. i was feeding Kastyn and marc came out to ask me if i could only sleep about 2 hours that day because he had a surprise! of course, i said ok. he finally told me he was taking me out for an overnite celebration for mother's day. he was taking me and Kas to stay a nite and James at the Mill in Johnson. we were going to relax and enjoy our time away from our house for a day. he also took off the following 2 days of work to be together as a family! i was quite excited as you would expect. so i took my nap and off we went. we also took mom and dad and aron and britt out for memorial day lunch. what a thoughtful, loving man i have!! we ate at Callahans and dropped Demmy off to stay the nite at mom and dads. our room at the Mill was beautiful and cozy. it is decorated sophisticated but comfortable and we enjoyed relaxing in the room, going to the lobby for cheese and wine tasting (just cheese please!), and some fun pictures outside. then we went to Target and saw a friend of ours who marc used to work with. we decided to get some drive thru steak n shake and take it back to the room so we could put K to sleep(we were way past her bedtime!), and enjoy some time together with no other people around. the next morning, we went and got breakfast in the lobby and ate outside in the beautiful morning weather. next, we packed up, enjoyed our last hours in the room, and headed home. we hit denny's on our way and had a lite lunch that was really good!

at dennys

our breakfast at the Mill

look up kas!

this was where marc sat down to take a pic and squished a banana in his back pocket! it was squished everywhere, hahahaha!!!!

pretty flowers sissy!

our king bed in the room

our overnite stay was very relaxing and fun. it's nice to get away even just for a bit. i couldnt have planned a better mother's day celebration to spend with my 2 loves. thank you, babe for your continuous creative ways of showing me how much you love me! you are an amazing man! i love you!!