Tuesday, June 7, 2011

aunt cherline and gran liz

liz and cherline came to visit us and meet kastyn a few days after she was born. they got to stay longer than expected due to the 20+ inches of snow we got!! it was a fun and sweet time for all of us to be together. liz lit up with love for her 1st granddaughter and cherline was definentaly a proud aunt!! i cant wait for the day that we will all be together in the same town(hopefully soon!). kastyn is ready to see her gran and aunt, and very ready to meet her granpa and aunt nana, so hurry up guys! we love you and miss you all!

aunt nana and aunt cherline

gran and granpa

gran sitting in baby k's room

kastyn's 1st outing! (AQ chicken with liz and cherline)

love from gran and auntie cher

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