Monday, May 23, 2011

daddy's garden!!

crazy daddy!
his beautiful tomato plants and peppers

daddy has created our first garden! actually, he has pretty much re-landscaped our whole yard- front and back. it looks amazing, and we are very proud of his creativity and drive to succeed in gardening! in our veggie garden he planted tomatoes, multi-colored bell peppers, snap peas, and corn. (we attempted potatoes, but it didnt work out) :) he also has planted a grape vine, roses, and multi colored flowers. all of this is in the back yard. in the front he has planted different plants lining the front of our house and a mini japanese maple. we are very excited to see how it all comes out!! i didnt help with the planting, but i cant wait to go pick some fresh veggies to cook with this summer. and i DID help weed some areas this week. so i have contributed a tad-bit. haha.

Kastyn loves to get in my maya wrap and look outwards. she looks around until she falls asleep. it's precious. she loves to be outside! she just looks in wonder at everything! she is such a good baby. here's a few pics of our little gardening work in progress!

the veggie garden

a rose plant

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