Friday, May 6, 2011


one of our favorite things in our house is bathtime. in the beginning K was not so big on bathtime and screamed the majority of her bath. i was hoping this would change over time, and it did, thank goodness!! i think she hated it because she got cold when she couldn't yet be submerged into the warm water and had to hang in the hammock part. now she perks her head up when she hears me start the bath water and turn on the heat lite. she talks and grins the entire bath. when i pour water over her head to rinse, she catches her breath and then starts talking happily. i love bath time. its so cute to see her enjoy it! after her bath, we dry off in one of her cute towels(bunny,duck,and pink polka dot). she gets a good rub down with vaseline and baby lotion, dressed into her pjs and get ready for snuggle time! a clean baby smells so sweet. our bedtime routine is definentaly one of our favorite times of the day. daddy and i take turns on the bedtime bottle and rocking to sleep(when she doesnt fight it). she is so indescribably amazing. i love every minute of her. thank you, Lord, for such a perfect blessing.

Kastyn's 1st bottle (snuggle time)

in her duck towel! (newborn Kastyn)

i see you daddy!!(5/11)

close up!!

K's 1st bath..when she HATED them!!

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