Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my 1st mother's day

this mother's day was different. i was no longer only a daughter to my mom, now i am a momma myself. this was surreal to me. the most amazing, un-explainable feeling. it gives me butterflies and huge smiles on my face when i think about being Kastyn's momma. when i begin to nurse her, i feel...elated. that is my word for it. i am the only one in this world who will provide for her the natural, God-created food she needs to survive. it creates such a beautiful bond between us. this is amazing.

my mother's day flowers when i got home from work! one from daddy, kastyn, and demmy!

daddy talking to K

what i came home from work to on Mother's Day.

my Mother's Day beauty!

i am beyond blessed to be where i am in my life. my husband and my daughter love me unconditionally. and i love them. it's no longer just's us.

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