Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 months

kastyn turned 5 months on the last day of june. i continue to be amazed everyday by what she is learning and doing. her personality is blooming, and i must say, she is quite a firecracker! this is good/cute/funny at times, and other times, i have prayed for her not to get my temper because i can testify, it is not something that is fun to deal with on a daily basis. i have struggled in this category since i can remember, and what i cant remember, my amazing parents who got to deal with it can testify! it's not just hard for a parent to deal with, but it's hard to feel your anger get ahold of you before you can even tell yourself that it's not worth boiling over. anywho, we will see where God takes us with this. and we will continue praying!
kastyn is so funny. as i am typing this, she is in her saucer (that she loves) talking and spitting all over the place. her voice and noises are adorable and her spitting is hilarious because whoever is holding her at the time she decides to perform this talent, she blesses them in a complete shower of spit-drops. she doesnt actually giggle quite yet, but when is happy and excited, she pants loudly and screams/squeals even louder. this means even if we are in church, praying, weddings, and walking down aisles in stores. she definitely draws attention wherever we go! only God can take credit for her indescribable cuteness and funny personality! well, i guess on the cuteness area, marc can take quite a bit of credit, since she's a spitting image of daddy! haha! mom and i did figure out that she for sure has our cheeks and mouth. mom found a pic of her a toddler and her mouth looks just like kas! woohoo! we can claim a bit of this credit now!!
here is the list of kastyn facts, i gotta make it quick, she's tired of being in the saucer!!

~size 1 diapers, she will easily be in a 2 once we are thru with this box of 1's
~size 3-6 month clothes, 3 is perfect in onesies, 6 months is a little baggy
~size 1 shoe
~we guess her weight around 14 lbs. i will put the for sure weight after her 6 month appt.
~length around 23-24 inches we are guessing??
~her hair is still short but growing and getting thicker
~she has sat in her highchair and had cereal 3 times
~she LOVES fruit! she has had mango, watermelon, strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple. she sucks them dry when we put a piece in her little net fruit holder.
~ she can roll over, but when im in the room with her, she won't very often. once i leave to go to the bathroom and come back, she's always on her back!
~she's very close to sitting up on her own
~she still loves to be outside. the world is well when she is outside.
~i still think her favorite person is grandaddy. she loves all of us, but he can get the quickest light up and smile from her
~she loves to watch demmy and fritz. they make her very happy!
~she drinks 6-8 oz per feeding
~she likes to drink water from someones cup
~she loves loves swimming
~she loves music, she gets upset until i turn in up in the car
~she reaches for everything and holds things with both hands
~she can put things to her mouth and take her paci out of her mouth(cant quite get it back in just yet)
~she loves to give big wet kisses. she holds both sides of my face and pulls it to her mouth
~she doesnt wake up crying, she lays in her bed and talks for about 15 mins before calling us in there
~she still doesnt take long naps. we get about 3 or 4 thirty min naps a day.
~she sleeps 9-12 hrs each nite!

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