Monday, July 4, 2011

girls just wanna have fun

kastyn and i had our first girls' playdate! it was with marie and remi, and trisha and carly. it was so fun to watch how similar yet different each baby girl is and it was interesting to compare and see different developments in each sister. example, kas holds her upper torso up off the ground completely in the mini push-up position, yet she wont roll over except of special occasion. however, carly wouldnt hold herself up but can easily roll over. not only can she roll over, but she can roll from back to front which is not the typical direction young ones learn first! they usually go from front to back first. carly and kastyn are 5 days apart. kas was 4 days early and carly was born the day after kastyn's due date. what good timing! lets not forget about miss remi, she was there too!! she is 9 weeks behind the girls, but she is doing quite well herself, smiling and talking! i loved every minute of it!! these playdates are gonna be a blast!!

she was getting a little upset at this point.

left to right: carly, remi, kastyn

here carly, eat my hand.

kastyn is showing off her new spitting abilities and carly is actin gangsta!

holding myself up so big!!

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