Monday, July 25, 2011

precious mermaid

kas loves the water, thank goodness! i was hoping she would like it, and she is just a little fish, or frog, depending on her kicks! she sits in the baby floaty and mellows. then ill take her out and turn in circles with her and she gets so excited with loud yells and screaches. i love it. i even braved the "blow on their face and dunk them while they hold their breath for a second". it was pretty scary, but she came right back up and started screaching again. i was scared i would traumatize her, but mom said they did that with us and they still do that in baby lessons. marc has gone swimming with us once. i used to swim with my dad and he'd let us ride on his back while he went all over the pool. it was always something i looked forward to during the summer. i cant wait to have fun adventures as a family. here are some cute pics of our little mermaid/frog. haha! at hollys pool

watching daddy while drying off

sittin in the shade under the diving board

swimmin with daddy

so much fun!!

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