Thursday, September 1, 2011

7 months!!!

kas turned 7 months old yesterday! she is continuing to develop like crazy. she is sitting up pretty well on her own now, but she still topples after a bit. she is sleeping 12 good hours each nite, but still napping smaller during the day. she naps from 20 mins to and hour usually, with an occasional surprise 2 hour nap. she talks and jabbers and makes so many different sounds. she's figuring out her throat can make noises and that if she makes enough noise, she wont fall asleep! we've started laying her down at her naps so she can put herself to sleep, but at nite i still try to rock her to sleep. sometimes we are successful, sometimes i get my rock in then have to lay her down to put herself to sleep. she still has that amazing temper. when she gets angry she swings her left arm up and down and hits whatever happens to be in the way (food or faces). haha. im still praying for her temperament! she is SUCH a GOOD and HAPPY baby though! the only time she is angry is when she doesnt want to sleep or if she's super hungry and we're not movin it fast enough! we get compliments on how happy and content she is. as long as she is with momma and daddy, her world is complete...and so is ours.

her milestones and likes:
-getting up on her hands and knees to crawl, no movements yet!
-size 3 diapers
-3-6 or 6 month clothing; 2 shoe
-LOVES other children
-loves demmy and other dogs
-scares easily-she has become so aware of her surroundings that new sounds scare her more easily (her biggest fears: running the bath water, vaccuum, garbage disposal)
-some momma separation anxiety- if she can't see me she gets upset; if she wakes up and doesnt see me, she freaks out, terrified!
-eats 1 jar of veggies at lunch, and 1 jar of fruit at nite, cereal at nite
-takes about 31 oz formula/day; or five 5-7 oz. bottles/day
-flips around like an acrobat in her crib
-puts her paci in her mouth, usually upside down!
-loves to read, look at, and eat books
-still LOVES outside
-loves give very aggressive and wet kisses

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