Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day 11'

This was our first Family Labor Day! it was a nice day. we did some deep cleaning in the house then marc and dad went to pick up our couch and loveseat from debby and steve. thanks so much guys, they match our living room perfectly and are amazingly comfortable!! so i rearranged the living room to fit in the new goodies. we had plans with some friends of ours but kas has her first "cold" and they have a baby the same age so we postponed until the snot is gone. we decided to go out to mom and dad's for some grilled ribs, carrots, and mashed sweet taters. YUM!! it was a very good lunch, thanks mom! all in all our first labor day was a relaxing, sweet, fun day with loved ones...the best way to spend a holiday.

Labor Day Pics:

this is our neighbors kitten that felt brave enough to trot into our house and sit up on our keyboard!

kas and grandaddy (note: grandaddy's awesome hat :) )

momma and sissy

first time to sit in grandi's high chair. her momma and uncle aron used this same high chair as babies!

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

eating a gummy wrapper

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