Thursday, September 15, 2011

gran has arrived!!

liz got here last nite around 8:30!! we decided it was worth keeping kas up late (her bedtime is usually 7:30 or 8:00) to take her with us to pick up her Gran from XNA. so we did her betime routine and put on her jammies and loaded up! they were supposed to land at 7:26 and didnt land until 8:30 or so!! i guess that is normal for flights. point is...she's here safe and sound, thank you Lord! today we have enjoyed being together. marc went to work so liz, kas, and i went to aldi to see daddy and buy a coffee maker, then to wal mart for some stuff. i have spoken more Creol today than i have in the last year, and i love it. i cant wait to be able to carry on full conversations in creol with liz. we do about half and half now. i understand most of what she is saying and when i speak in english, she teaches me the creol translation. we are teaching each other. it's awesome to have kastyn surrounded by BOTH of her languages now too. it's really important for us that she speak both. we have alot of family she needs to be able to communicate with! so liz is here now and we arent sure if or when she is going back to florida. we will see where God leads our family, i pray that we all stay together in the same place!

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