Monday, April 18, 2011

11 weeks

how time flies! i cant believe Kastyn will be 3 months next monday. oh my grief. i knew it would go by quickly, but not this quickly! we are in such a fun time right now. i can see K working on a new development everyday now it seems. she is so alert, its alot of fun to try and break her serious facade(i have NO idea where she gets this seriousness, neither marc nor i are serious people). just goes to show how much of their own person a baby is from the start! she is what i am choosing to call "selective". lol. when i lay her on her changing table, she is quick to give out huge grins and excited squeals, to me and her friend who i have yet to think of a name for.(a 'snuggly' with a little doll attached to the top who K LOVES.) however, once we are out and about, she is hard to get to smile at anyone! if you've seen her pics on FB, you can see how few smiles i get once i pull out a camera. hopefully this will change soon and she will give out free smiles to all! i have many pictures to take and i would like to capture some of the joy that i get to see at home.

one of our favorite things to do are go and visit Grandmother. K lights up with grins as soon as she is in her arms. its super sweet. she'll talk to her too. it's a beautiful thing to see 2 people so special to me bond. i will always have these sweet memories to think about. we also obviously love visiting Grandi and Grandad(my dad finally chose to be called Grandad instead of Dadoo. he will always be Dadoo to Jerry though). i knew mom would be all over K from the start, but it's really sweet for me to see how my dad lights up when he sees his granddaughter. ive never seen him really reach out and want to hold babies, the typical man thing to do, but he talks to her and i ask him if he wants her, he immediately says yes. i love it! she smiles for mom alot, but this week she started smiling at dad too, and he's been working on it for a while! i pray that K's other Gran and Grandpa will be here eventually and will also get to enjoy these special times with her. it would be amazing to have both grandparents around K her whole life!! we are praying about this matter. :)
Kastyn is squeaking in her swing, waking herself up(surprise surprise!) haha. so i am logging off for today!
taken 04 19 11

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