Friday, April 15, 2011

so much fun!

kastyn is 10 1/2 weeks old. time has flown by so quickly, it's bittersweet. i love that she is growing and healthy and developing, but im also sad that she is growing up so quick. marc is ready for her to be old enough to interact more with him so i look forward to that too. for now he has fun singing to her and speaking creole to her. he cant wait to teach her to play soccer! i, on the other hand, could stare at her all day long and watch her many different faces and
sounds she attempts to make. she is the cutest, funniest baby girl and i love everything about her. i cant really express how i feel about her but ill try to describe it. i read a friends blog about her description of needing to squeeze something and squeak to get her excitement over her daughter out..thats exactly how i feel! i catch my breath and squeak and feel this burst of energy at different times throughout the day, even at 3 am when she wakes up to eat! weird, i know, but looking at your baby causes these awesome reactions. i just cant fathom what an amazing wonderful thing God has blessed me with. i never understood, until now, how it feels to have my own baby. the love i feel for her is indescribable. i just cant sum it up.

some of K's developments in the last week or so have been fun! here are a few of them:

~ she found her right fist. she stares at it and when she lowers it out of her view she goes cross-eyes trying to find it funny to watch!!

~she LOVES her snuggly with a little girl doll attached to the top. she talks, smiles, and reaches(sort of) at her. im still trying to think of a cute name for the doll/snuggly.

~she also loves the soft pink stuffed giraffe from cousins drew, ellie, and amy. she lays on her blanket and talks and smiles at her for up to 30 mins at a time. i named this friend Polka.

~shes trying to giggle/laugh. shes done it once, but mostly lots of squeaky inhalations in an attempt to giggle. it wont be long though!

~she fights sleep BIG time! ive had to start putting mittens on her hands again because she scratches and punches herself in the face to wake herself up! she made her eyelid swell last week in the middle of the night(i think it was from that) from throwing her hands up to her eyes.

~shes learned to rub her eyes when shes tired. again, its a little violent, but she has the hand to eye contact down. :)

~she is very alert! she looks around and really focuses on people(when she wants to of course).
staring at Meag

~she lifts her head up and holds it up, turning her head from side to side.

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