Friday, April 22, 2011

pro sleep fighter

Kastyn is a professional sleep fighter. this is the UFC in her life. and she's the best.

K will wake up, eat, then sit happily in her chair for up to an hour. then once she starts to 'gripe', i know it's time for her 1st nap. we swaddle her from under her arms down( she wont sleep if her arms are swaddled down) to keep her from wiggling so much. then we rock. she's ok until she starts to go to sleep. then the screams start. if i offer her a paci, that enrages her, how dare i think she wants to sleep! so she screams louder. we try laying her in her bed and checking in every 5 minutes until we think she may be sleepy enough to rock to sleep. she can cry for 45 mins plus if we would let her. but we wont. we try the swing, which she LOVED for 2 weeks until last week, now she screams in it. she screams in my or marcs arms. she screams in her chair. she can go all day on two 30 minute naps. but she is TIRED. it goes okay until afternoon. then she pretty much can scream on/off until evening. mom has come over and she falls to sleep for her and sleeps for 2 hours!! she's done this twice. i dont know what it is, but she's not hurting and she's not hungry. we even supplement 2-3 oz of formula after each nursing to ensure this. so we are rotating holding her and putting her down for short periods until she decides, in her OWN time, to give it up and rest.hmm..i may see some of her mommy's strong will and desire to be in control already. uh-oh!!*wince*

here is our angel sleeping, before her lovely non-sleep phase began...
praising Jesus in her sleep.

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  1. Joys of motherhood. She is a sweetie...loved seeing her Easter. I'm sure in time she will find a schedule for sleep. LOL!