Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aunt Korri

Aunt Korri is amazing. period. she loves Kas so much and she shows her love for us all the time. she is the most giving person i know. i LITERally don't see korri without her having a "gift" for one of us. most of K's outfits are from her. she makes all of her precious bows. and K loves her back. Korri gives her own time to come and help me anytime i need it, whether i need a shower, a nap, a conversation, trips to wal-mart, and alot of just fun hangtime together. she sorted ALL of my gifts from my shower so i wouldn't be overwhelmed. she came to our house and never left my side until Kastyn was here and safe. she has probably changed as many diapers as i have. well, she's right behind me anyway. :) you name it, she's been there. i truly can't name everything i would like to give her thanx and love for.

we are very blessed to have someone so special in our life. WE LOVE YOU AUNT KORRI!!!

at the hospital

just us :)

04 20 11

04 20 11

'my auntie is awesome' onesie

wardrobe by auntie korri

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  1. I love EVERY minute with you guys!!! Love you!!