Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 months

Kastyn turns 3 months this saturday! it's going too fast, and i cant figure out how to slow her down!! i love the time we are in, as ive said before. but its kinda sad that it goes so fast bc next thing we know, we'll have a toddler/teenager(scary). we are working on tummy time, now that i found the tummy time mat from the rhea lana sale. i love it. and she is propped up on her chest a little so she can look around and not stare straight down at the ground. i set a few of her friends in front of her and she smiles and talks to them for a few minutes until shes over her tummy time. then we get up. K is wearing 0-3 month clothes. she can actually still wear some newborn stuff, too. the only 3 month stuff that fits is carters because they make their clothes more narrow. mom said she still looks 'twiggy'. thanks mom. lol. i guess she is pretty skinny still, but she's getting little rolls on her thighs. it's cute. her belly pokes out too. so we're working on fattening her up! im also trying to get her attached to her 'snugglies' that we got at her shower. they are so soft and i drape it beside her head at naptime. it's so sweet!

here are some things about Kastyn at 3 months:

~she likes to sit in her swing and sometimes sleep in it unless she fights her nap

~she likes her paci, but spits it out so she doesnt go to sleep, then cries b/c she doesnt have it! lol

~she's bearing weight on her legs. she loves to kick and stand herself up when we hold her on our chest. shes gonna be a soccer player!!(daddys dream)

~she has multiple bff's. Dean, Roman, and Remi!

~shes pinching and grabbing at whatever she feels with her hands

~shes smiling and talking more and more

~shes started to drool! im hoping it's not teeth yet.

~she drinks 4 oz per feeding

napping on daddy. so sweet. :)

K and momma

see the rolls on my arms?

strike a pose!

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  1. Cute blog! She is the smiling pics.