Friday, April 15, 2011


im writing a little late about K's 2 month appt. it started out well. she is gaining weight and growing great! she weighed 9.06 and was 21" long, head circ. 14.96"-crazy!! born 6.0 and 18", head 12.8" seemed so small, now she is huge in our eyes! everyone we see says, "oh what a tiny baby!!" and i say everytime, "i know but she's so big to us!" haha. different perspectives i guess. they didnt see the TINY baby that came out. when im nursing K i look at her and she takes up so much more room, her head looks huge compared to the beginning, she stretches across my lap...ok, back to the appt.

so her weight is 14% and her length is 5%. i dont really keep track of her head % but it's growing appropriately. she does have reflux, which she takes zantac for 2 x a day. she also has a hiatal hernia and a blocked tear duct, but neither of these are a problem and they should correct themselves over time. i do put some eye ointment on her left eye to help with the drainage, but it is improving as of this point. she has pretty sensitive skin but it's only on her face as of now. she may have a little exzema but i will continue to watch it. she is developing well, sleeping well and has pretty much learned her nights and days. she nurses every 3 hours or so during the day and she drinks a 3-4oz bottle of breast milk every night between 8-9pm and we put 2 tbsp. of rice cereal in it. she downs it and then sleep from 5-8 hours straight! she'll wake up, eat, and go back to sleep for 3-5 hours. i definentaly cannot complain about that schedule. we do tummy time but not consistenly and she's not a big fan at all. she loves to lie on her back and talk to Polka, but her belly is a different story.

the nurse came in and gave K her shots after Dr. Scherer left. i have given hundreds of children and infants their vaccines and never felt the pain that i did for my baby. i felt for them, but i literally could not WATCH the nurse give them to K. her scream was mortifying and i was relieved when i could pick her up and comfort her. she was fine for the next few hours until we got home. K nursed and when i went to lay her down, she screamed. so i picked her up and held her and anytime she moved her left leg at all, she screamed...loud. i looked at her legs to make sure it looked ok. it was red and warm, but nothing abnormal for vaccines. i called mom and she left work to bring us some tylenol right away. it was awful. it took a couple of hours to calm her constant screaming. finally, the medicine kicked in and she was able to rest. the rest of the night was better, but i could tell she wasnt feeling great in her legs. no fever, thank goodness. the next day i was extra gentle with her legs, but she was fine and kicking again by then. im praying her 4 month shots arent as intense.

snoozin on momma :)
this is our angry face! lol
2 months today!

sittin up so big!

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